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Weekly Game Plan

Hey Team,

Here we are at our last Friday of the school year. There have been so many wonderful and fun events taking place and we are all just crawling toward the finish line. The end is in sight!

Our 5th graders will be having their promotion ceremony on Monday at 10am and Kindergarten will be celebrating on Tuesday at 9:15am. Please be mindful of parking in the neighborhood and don’t block any of our neighbors driveways.

The success of the Fun Run that raised money for our Education Foundation was immense! Students celebrated with a free dress day today and Mr. Malcolm and Mrs. Kerns will be turned in to Human Ice Cream sundaes after school.

Thank you to parents, students, teachers, administrators and community members for your support of our school this year!

We’ll see you out there, Kryssie Booth and your EPA-PTA Board

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science and PE

Save Science and PE!

We are still short in funding our Science and PE programs by $12,000!  Please help if you are able by: 1. Turning in your Emerson Eagle Envelopes for Education 2. Helping your child raise funds for the June 8th Fun Run.  Register to take pledges on-line at http://www.thegetmovincrew.com/ and click on the star that says “Register Your Child” […]

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